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Management of Video Evidence – On a basic level, Jonathan can copy, duplicate, and preserve video evidence that may exist in your case.  But given his extensive editing experience, Jonathan can assist you in making video evidence work to your client’s best advantage.  There are many options available to attorneys for editing and handling of video evidence including but not limited to the following:


(1) Enhancement to improve the quality of the audio

(2) Brightening of darkened portions of video to examine details

(3) Expanding or rescaling portions of video

(4) Slowing down portions of video

(5) Editing and removing parts of video that have been ruled inadmissible at trial.


Demonstrative Video Creation - Jonathan can create rich and helpful video animations and annotations on videos for demonstrative purposes.  These techniques can be very helpful not only at trial but also in presenting settlement proposals and exposing weaknesses in the opposition’s case and/or defences.  Video evidence can be used in arbitration and mediation cases to streamline presentation of a client’s position and to assist in settlement/award negotiations.


Day in the Life Videos – Jonathan can create “day in the life” videos in order to assist in the presentation of your case.


Technical Presentation Support - Video evidence is becoming so commonplace in the courtroom that it is impossible to ignore.  Attorneys have been forced to handle such evidence and, at times, rely on inexperienced personnel to present evidence.  Jonathan can assist in the creation of video presentations and educate and train attorneys or firm personnel in use of such video evidence or presentations.


For clients seeking assistance with video evidence, Jonathan W. Hickman can provide specialized services to attorneys and law firms.  And because Jonathan is both an attorney and an accomplished filmmaker, he can be a confidential member of an attorney’s litigation team.  With Jonathan on your side, you can take use of video evidence to a higher level.

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